Black Desert Online

Black Desert online is an MMO with record-breaking visual graphics, but to be honest, that's the only thing the game really has going for it.
The UI is poorly organized, the mechanics are complicated and aren't even very useful, i.e. the skill-building system, the crafting, the maneufactoring when buying a house
and hiring workers to craft new equipment, theres very little difficulty to the game and its easy to hit level 60+ within a day. The bosses and monsters are way too easy,
the only challenge the game provides is PVP, which is pay-to-win via the in-game store.
The community is also filled with degenerates shouting slurs at strangers in the chat as if this is the norm, completely unmoderated.
The storyline is mediocre at best. You're possessed by a black spirit and are driven to complete tasks for it to become stronger.
The game is also very buggy and hangs up and crashes when making any change to the settings, even if it runs fine on the highest settings and you're changing it to even lower ones.

It's also extremely easy to make in-game money, there might as well not be a currency at all.
Black Desert us unmaintained, unmoderated, and just a trophy to wear in your game list as a show that your "high-end" gaming pc is capable of running it.


Total Score- 56/100

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